Cypro-Minoan Birthday Cake

A friend of mine and fellow Ph.D. student made me a belated birthday cake this week whose awesomeness cannot escape the likes of the internet.  The main blog entry goes over to Res Gerendae, where she gives a full description of what exactly it is a replica of (in cake format).


The cake, pictured next to its inspiration HoChyMin (i.e. J.-P. Olivier, Édition holistique des textes chypro-minoens, Pisa & Rome, 2007) catalogue ##212.

The script on the cake is Cypro-Minoan (here is a link to the somewhat incomplete and out-of-date Wikipedia page), sometimes informally called ‘Linear C’ though there is not actually a consensus in the literature whether Cypro-Minoan is single script or three different but closely related scripts.  This particular cake is an exemplar of the third variant of Cypro-Minoan, which is known from a small number of inscriptions found in Ugarit/Ras Shamra.  The script is currently undeciphered, and not likely to be so anytime soon as there are only 247 inscriptions in extremely variable epigraphic contexts.  But, since the script stands intermediate to the Iron Age Cypriot Greek syllabic inscriptions which we can read, and Linear A, which we can perhaps transliterate the sign values of through a Linear B glass darkly.

A better summary of Cypro-Minoan can be found at the Res Gerendae post, (although if you keep your eyes peeled on BMCR, I may or may not have be publishing a generally positive review of a recent new book on Cypro-Minoan very soon.)

Not to get too distracted in the philological minutiae of cake’s outward appearances, let us not forget to note also that the cake was also very tasty.

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