I’ve come across this great index of Ancient Language Resources online Lexicity.  It contains an index of online resources for the study of Akkadian, Aramaic, Coptic, Egyptian, Ge’ez, Old Georgian, Gothic, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Old Church Slavonic, Old English, Old Norse, Sanskrit, Syriac, and Ugaritic, with relevant links to new stuff, out of copyright grammars and texts on archive.org, and so forth.  My only complaint is that there’s no Hittite or Armenian; actually, some Tocharian would be nice too, but then again I’m a tough customer.

In other news, as of late I’ve been doing a bit of travelling and visiting back in Nordamerika and I haven’t put much thought into blogging, but I thought I might write a little bit soon, so hopefully I’ll start doing some more regular updates again.


One Response to “Lexicity”

  1. Nelson Says:

    Very useful – thanks for sharing this resource!

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