A friend just informed me about Loebolus, a website dedicated to collecting and making easily available in one place all the old and out-of-copyright Loeb Classical Library volumes.  Some of the books, such as R. Seaton’s crusty old Victorian translation of  Apollonius Rhodius – Argonautica have been superceded newer editions (in this case W.H. Race’s excellent new translation), but for others such as W. Wright’s translation of the Orations of Julian the Apostate are the same ones still in print from Harvard University Press.  Useful stuff if what you need is available in one of these older translations, and you can’t be bothered to go down to the library to check a reference, or simply if you don’t mind bowdlerized translations of Plautus.

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4 Responses to “Loebolus”

  1. AnnaJ Says:

    This is amazingly useful!
    Also, surely bowdlerized translations of Plautus are likely to be funnier than the original most of the time…?

  2. mattitiahu Says:

    I can imagine it now:

    Slave: “Doth my lord have a live herring in his codpiece?”

  3. cinaedus Says:

    I was hoping to see Aristophanes on the list. I’m sure Jeffrey Henderson’s translation is excellent, and is certainly more modern. But I have fond memories of using B.B. Rogers’ Loeb translation in college, where the English was in the same meter as the Greek, and characters speaking in Doric (= the artificial Doric dialect of comedy) were translated into “Doric” (= Scottish dialect).

  4. John Cowan Says:

    For me, Aristophanes is the Arrowsmith/Parker translations (“WOAN GETTUM NO GOLDUM, GAPASSITY IONISH!”), and even more so the bits that Edith Hamilton translated in A Mid-Victorian Aristophanes” (PDF, pp. 3-15), later incorporated into The Greek Way.

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